We proudly honor our heritage by returning to how beef should be raised, free of added hormones or antibiotics and always with responsible animal handling standards.


Fame Global Meats has been founded in Dubai by an Emirati that is passionate about exceptional food quality. It is this very passion that is reflected in Fame Global Meats primary offering: the purveying of the world’s best and finest USDA prime graded all-natural beef products.

At Fame Global Meats, we believe that the food we consume as human beings shape our lives, which is why we place a very high importance on quality when sourcing some of the best all-natural USDA prime graded beef. This is particularly reflected in the background of our suppliers and partners in the U.S.A, who are a team of meat experts and industry veterans who collectively understand and execute best practices in producing beef and also who are leaders in meat precision cutting and packaging, using the best technological advancements the industry has to offer, and thus ensuring that our customers have a competitive advantage. Therefore, our suppliers not only meet the USDA industry standards, they outgrow them.

At the heart of Fame Global Meats, you’ll find the entrepreneurial spirit instilled in the founders, which provide the needed direction for our vision to provide in Dubai and the UAE the best USDA prime graded beef products. Through our suppliers in the U.S.A., we comprehend the unique business circumstances our customers can face. We push ourselves to adapt new product development techniques and thrive at finding ways to accomplish our customers’ needs.


  • Born and raised solely in the USA
  • No Added Supplementary Hormones or Growth Promotants
  • Never Administered any Antibiotics
  • Verified Source and Age
  • Fed 100% Vegetarian Diet with no animal by-products
  • Offered in USDA Prime and Choice boxed beef programs
  • USDA Inspected and Passed
  • Halal certified


Our unique range of USDA prime graded beef products can be customized according to our customers’ needs, and include boxed programs of both USDA Angus and USDA Holstein beef, which are usually provided on a sub primal cut basis, yet could also be provided under portion control cuts if needed. You will find below just a sample range of the USDA prime Angus program:

Chain Off or Chain On Tenderloin
Rib Eye Steak
Bone In Short Ribs
Boneless Short Ribs
Bone In Prime Rib
Strip Loin
Short Loin
Chuck Roll
Brisket Point End


For any inquiries about our beef products, including distribution, pricing etc. please feel free to contact us via the email address below. One of our respresentatives will get in touch with you soon.